Monday, June 17, 2013

Heat Stroke

Greetings from the desert where the temperature is hovering around 100 degrees. The streets are deserted and people do not venture outside unless they must.
I finally have a little bit to share, so here goes.

Last year my nephew was expecting a baby boy and they opted for gray in the baby's room. I found some really cute Buggy Barn fabric to make them a baby quilt. This summer I decided to try and use up the scraps on an additional quilt. I changed the design somewhat, but think this will be a nice little boy quilt as well. It has gone to the quilter. Yay!

Now we have a new grandbaby coming and thus another new quilt to create. I am using the same chain block, but in soft and sweet colors for our new little girl! I really need my cage rattled to come back from the Civil War, but this is a nice change. Today I will sew all the rows together. It feels good to get something done!

Last week I got a nice surprise. A message was left on my home phone from Judy Hodges in Tempe, AZ who wanted to share her quilt with me. This is the second memory quilt that Judy has made using my Saddle Tramp pattern. Follow the link to see my original. Judy did an outstanding job of taking my simple design and changing it into this beautiful memory quilt. She placed photos in the stars and chose a palette of purple and green. Since I am still in Arizona I was able to meet Judy and see her quilt in person. Let me tell you, this photo does not do it justice! It is a beautiful quilt! It was taken directly to the quilters after we met, so maybe I can share a quilted photo in the future!

Anyone wondering about Rembrandt can rest at ease. I hear from Sandi regularly letting me know of her well being. She is adjusting in her new home and has taken to snuggling in bed at night with Sandi's son. I know Karen would be pleased. I sure am! 

A week ago we drove a little way out of town to find this pretty sight. Saguaro Lake, with boats even! Saguaro is the name of the cactus in the foreground. The saguaro cactus grows only in the Sonoran Desert which is in Arizona and Mexico. The photo shows buds where the cactus is getting ready to bloom. This lake was a pretty sight, but let me tell you, it is so blasted hot that it didn't even tempt me. Give me a good old Minnesota lake where they actually have breezes!

Signing off from under the fan in Mesa, AZ.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Love your cage rattling, your use of gray, your ability to be such a good friend to all, and to realize that our hearts still hurt for Rembrandt (and Timmy!) and keep us updated. No wonder we all love you, Marcie!

onlymehere said...

I don't do heat well and would absolutely wither in Arizona. I have a friend who loves it there (she's by Tempe). Congratulations on the new granddaughter to be!

Me and My Stitches said...

I don't envy you that heat - the older I get, the less I like summer! I do love your baby quilts - I need to make one in the next few months and you have given me some ideas. So glad that Rembrandt is doing well!

Sue said...

Stay cool! I could send you some of our nice cooler temps here from Michigan :D

Those are sweet quilts. Congratulations on your new little addition coming. We have our first granddaughter coming in July!

Happy summer to you!!

Kyle said...

Love what you've been working on. You can hardly go outside when it's that hot. Stay cool.

Karen said...

I think you are going to be making lots of baby quilts in your future. You have a big family!

Are you living in Arizona now?

W. Latane Barton said...

my daughter lives in Tucson and she has been telling me how hot it is there. So, try to stay cool. And, speaking of cool. that is one cool little girl quilt you made for that new grandbaby.

Rosa said...

Here,summer just arrived this week though today was a windy and warm day.

Your new quilts are just wonderful.Congratulations on the new granddaughter!!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Babies will love the new and cuddly quilts I'm sure. Stay cool!