Friday, November 09, 2012

At Quilt Market-Houston 2012

I am rushing to get this posted as I am in Arizona and leave tomorrow to go home. It is always nice to be here. I came straight from Quilt Market where I picked up a nasty cold and so I have been coughing my guts out and haven't felt that well. Consequently, not much blogging going on. Now I am pressed for time, so this will be quick.

 Here are a few photos of my booth. Me above with Button Bandits to the left and Old Soul in the back. 
My buddy Joan went with me again and helped me set up and work the booth, etc. Don't know what I would do without Joan! We are surrounded here in our little 10' x 10' booth with padded walls! Very cozy, as one visitor commented!

It was exciting to me to have several people come to my booth and tell me that they read my blog! Thank you! And thanks for stopping by! It was also fun to see people that I have been meeting at different shows and they remember me. Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs, for example, remembered that I took a class from her and Barb Adams several years ago. That shocked me. Just goes to show you how special these ladies are. Or how gullible I am!
 This is Barb Adams from Blackbird Designs. Alma was busy at that moment so I didn't interrupt her. their booth is always so nice.

 I grabbed Jo Morton as she was walking past my booth. I introduced myself and she said, "You're Karen Mowery's friend". Yup, that's me! Don't we all love Jo? Yes!

 My neighbor in the booth next door was Mary Koval.I was so happy to get to know Mary. She has been doing this for many years and has a huge following all over the world. I often see her on Scandinavian blogs. She designs fabric, has a quilt shop, and also sells antique quilts. Her booth was full of antique quilts. Fabulous! Her husband Joe was with her working hard!

That's all for now. I have to pack to go home! More photos later.


paulette said...

You are having WAY too much fun!! Your booth looked fabulous and right up my alley!! Thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

All those antique quilts were right next door to your booth!?! Lucky you! Your booth looks wonderful - you design such lovely quilts with such warm and inviting fabrics. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Me and My Stitches said...

Your booth looks awesome - I love your quilts a little more each time I see them! Glad you had fun at market. A friend of mine said that she talked to you (my ears were burning!). Hope you are feeling better!

Kindred Quilts said...

Your booth would be high on my list to visit if I were there! Love OLD SOUL! Get to feeling better soon... we all want to see more posts!

Lori said...

Beautiful booth!! I hope you got numerous orders!
I also hope you are feeling better.

madrekarin said...

I remember seeing your booth at market. I loved it! Your daughter, Jennifer, is in my ward and she told me that you had been at market today at our Super Saturday event. If I had known, I would have let you know in person how much we love her! Next time you come to visit, have her bring you by A Scarlet Thread. :)

AnnieO said...

Nice to see all the smiling faces! Looks like you had a very good time despite catching the cold. Hope you feel better soon!

Karen said...

I have seen very few market photos so am glad to see some on your blog. How wonderful you were able to participate. Hope you got lots of business.