Friday, August 10, 2012

KISS Quilts, etc.

We made a quick trip by car (that wasn't the quick part) to Minnesota for one week. Enjoyed seeing family there and eating brats and walleye. Saw signs for many quilt shops along the way. Didn't stop. You know how it is when there is a man behind the wheel. They focus on the road and stop for nothing! Still, I enjoyed seeing the signs and knowing that they are scattered in the highways and byways across the country! 
I am still working on a couple big quilts, but have also managed to fit in a few small things.One of the big quilts I made is going to APandQ for an upcoming issue. It had tons of the 9-patches and I always make more than the quilt requires. I ended up using some of the leftovers in this scrappy little quilt above, and also in the one below.

This one was for my grandson's dresser.

 Still playing with scraps, I made this one using 1-1/2" squares. It is 24" x 24". I keep a jar on my cutting table and throw spare 1-1/2" squares into it, so I always have plenty. I cut scraps into larger size squares as well, of course. They all come in very handy. My own pre-cuts! When I was in Arizona I used all my 1-1/2" squares for that big project and now I am starting over! By the way, I call these KISS QUILTS. You know that stands for "Keep it simple stupid". Never a problem for me! They are nice little utility quilts.

The big finale is coming Monday night (8-13) for The Closer on TNT. That has been a favorite show of mine. Really great cast! I hate to see it go. They will marathon previous shows the same day in case you missed any this last season, which I am sure I have. A new spinoff will begin right afterwards called Major Crimes, staring Mary McDonnell (Dancing with Wolves). She is a very different character in this role, but maybe she likes those roles. She is awesome. 

One more show that is fairly new and you can still catch up online on TNT is called Perception. Another show with a quirky main character. I must love those shows, like Castle and The Mentalist and Monk. They are my faves! All detective shows too.
 Let's hear it for Eric McCormack in this one!

Back to the beloved Bernina!


pcflamingo said...

I have a basket on my sewing table that's full of 2 1/2" squares that I use as leaders & enders. They get sewn onto the beginning or ending of whatever I'm sewing on, and twosies become foursies and more, and pretty soon I have quilt squares and I've hardly even thought about it. You have the same choice in TV shows that I do.

Linda said...

I love all your scrappy quilts...the table runner is great...the colors are so perfect!Funny...we watch all the same shows...I love Blue Bloods and Hawaii 50 tooI am sorry to see the Closer go...but we'll see how Major Crimes is...have a great afternoon!

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Beautiful quilts! I love just "playing" with fabric. We have two things in common - quilting and t.v. programs. So sad The Closer is ending. The previews appear as though Brenda Lee may not survive. :( Love, love, love The Mentalist, Castle and hope the new Major Crimes is good, also. With most of the same characters I am really looking forward to it. Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Your not alone in your quirky shows. I love the Closer but have lost track of it since we cut the cable 3 yrs ago and life has keep me from following on line. I will have to get back to it. Major Crimes is great too. I haven't seen the 3rd one mentioned but will have to check it out.
Love your quilt too. I always enjoy seeing what your working on. Thanks.

regan said...

Your little quilts are all so darned sweet! I love them! I'm so fond of 4 and 9 patches....I can't get enough of them....and I always make too many for my big quilts, I always have extras to play with! Fun!

And I'm a huge fan of the will be sorely missed! I'm glad the whole cast (minus Brenda Leigh) will be on the new Major Crimes.....they are all so good in those roles. And wasn't that an amazing episode with her mom? (no spoiler alert needed! lol) That is just really good tv! I say they get rid of all those stupid reality shows, and bring back the well acted, actually written by writers kind of shows that we are all craving! And yes, Perception is awesome too! Yep, reminds me of Monk!

Mary said...

We have the same taste in Shows. I like your KISS quilts too. I'm the Traditional Quilter in our Guild. No Art Quilts for me.

Sue said...

That's a great idea about throwing your scraps in the jar. It must look scrumptious sitting there its own bit of eye candy :D

Love what you are working on and I can't wait to see the big quilt!

Barb said...

great runner and table topper.
I too like perception. I like him in will and grace too.
have a great weekend

gisèle said...

Vos petites courtepointes , sont très jolies. J,aime receuillir tous mes petits morceaux.
Présentement ,je fais des exhagones
de 1 pouces pour faire une petite
courtepointe de poupée comme les année 1800. Vous pouvez en voir deux sur mon blog
Vos travaux sont fantastique.
Bonne fin de semaine.
Gisèle du Québec.

Libby said...

Some of my most favorite quilts are from the leftovers of the 'main event'

Janet said...

I love your 9 patch quilts! Especially the little table topper. I can't wait to see the big one in AP&Q.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

KISS is the perfect concept for me! ;)

Your table topper and dresser quilts are precious, can't wait to see the GRANDADDY in AP&Q! Your photos are so pretty.

I, too, keep my scraps cut into
use-able sizes so that they're ready to go when I am!

Anonymous said...
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