Monday, June 25, 2012

Men at Work

 The title of the email was "Why men die first". This is one of those funny emails that is so true that it is scary. We have all seen similar things, I am sure. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but no mama came up with these! Hold on to your chair and scroll down....

 How many men does it take to lift an air conditioner to the third floor? ...and two to hold the ladder, one to take the photo, and one to get the beer. Or maybe the beer came first?

 Definitely do not walk under these ladders!

 And when he gets that thing unscrewed he's gonna do what? Fly?


If you are tired of getting the emails about women drivers, you now have this as a rebuttal.


Julie in the Barn said...

Ha ha ha ha. These are just too amazing. The only sane reaction is to laugh. Thanks, Marcie.

Anonymous said...

Love crazy people like the ones pictured ..... keeps me employed .... lets me purchase fabric ..... I in turn make quilts and read wonderful blogs!!! FYI I'm a nurse:) Oh and glad to see that my DH thought they are crazy.

Stephanie Davison said...

Last week a guy stood on the top, not top step, TOP of a stepladder and sprayed a yellow jacket's next in my gutter for over an hour.

I couldn't decide what I'd do if he fell--besides dial 911, of course--because those were some furious flying stingers out there!


Katie said...

OMG! I can hardly look at some of them. Yikes! :-)

AnnieO said...

Omigosh. Stunningly stupid. My daughter, when she was dating her now husband, got off the phone with him and asked me, "Mom, why are boys so stupid?" I told her, "One word. Testosterone."

Marie said...

O. M. G.!!!