Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lost in the Fabric

We have had a very rainy weekend here.I was content to spend the time in my sewing room playing with fabric. First I spent time on EQ7 designing a medallion quilt. I meticulously sized each border around the center so that I would know just how to proceed with the cutting. Then I sorted through my fabric carefully choosing each piece. I knew I wanted some cheddar in the center and so I added it to the star and corner points. Oh yeah, I liked that a lot!
As I began adding the next round I found that I was spending way too much time making these decisions. Just when I thought I had it figured out another fabric jumped in and I had to change my mind. Finally I pulled this star off the design wall and made a new one.  

I didn't plan on the inner border of blue, but as you can see, the blue got its way. After I added the hourglass blocks and another thin border strip I planned another pieced border. But before I knew what was happening, this striped fabric of blue and red jumped into the action. Seriously, this fabric was not in the equation, but I am merely a servant of the cloth, so in it went. The final border was a fabric that I had been wanting to add since the beginning, and in fact, the center of the star is from this fabric. There is just enough blue in this fabric, along with red, green, brown, tan, etc., for it to work--at least I hoped it would still work. Not being certain enough on that point, I ended up cutting borders of two other fabrics which, in the end, I rejected for my original choice. Do you care? Probably not, but I am hammering this our regardless because you have the choice to stop reading at any point.
I kept looking at that border fabric and telling myself that there was not enough fabric. Finally I got something right! There was not enough fabric! But at this point destiny had taken control and we (me and the fabric) decided it was a go, and so we added hourglass corners, because that would conserve several inches of fabric, and we pieced in other dark fabric on two border pieces because that is what Libby would have done. Right? And I do love that look of substitution. (Did you even notice?) 

So much for my idea with the cheddar. I may have to start this exercise all over again with the cheddar block!

Back to the topic of rain, did I ever tell the story of how our bedroom ceiling collapsed during Hurricane Irene? Well, thank heavens the leak that caused all the problem is finally fixed. Our bedroom has a covered deck above it, and somehow the water was so torrential and the wind was so strong that it blew the water sideways under the deck until there was enough water that the ceiling collapsed. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the leak was immediately below where a squirrel had built a nest under the floor of the deck. He/she ate through an inch of blacktop on the roof and then began chewing on the board below it. 
 The black pieces that you see are the blacktop roofing that was chewed up, and the straw looking stuff is shredded wood from the board beneath. There is also something that looks like quilt batting which, I promise you, I did not give him! The wire that is sticking out of the nest was pushed up from the bedroom ceiling where we could actually see daylight! Don't talk to me about cute little squirrels!

It is still raining and we are glad to be dry. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the eye doctor and will be reminded once again that I am not getting any younger. My solution is to follow Martin Short's advice from "The Three Amigos" and "sew old woman, sew like the wind"! Another great quote from this movie, taking place in Mexico, is, "Do you have anything here besides Mexican food"? I believe that one was Steve Martin.



Jan said...

"Servant of the cloth" indeed! So funny! Sometimes that happens though, doesn't it, and usually for the better, imo. The medallion top turned out great, and the striped fabric adds so much.

Sue said...

I love your cheddar block. And the blue block in your medallion quilt turned out no matter how it happened to get that way! It is just lovely!!

We once had a squirrel...the destructive red kind...chew a huge whole right through our kitchen ceiling. I am not a big fan of them either!

So glad you are dry with all the rain you are getting :)


Marsha said...

Your quilt is gorgeous, the fabric was correct! I did not notice the pieced borders at first but it is your (and the fabrics) design, so who is to say that was not the original idea. It is wonderful. Now, I can't wait to see what the cheddar one says it should be designed. It is way too pretty not to finish it into a quilt, too.

I have some squirrel stories, too. When I lived in northern Illinois we had several years where the squirrels were terrible. The chewed through the tops to my garbage cans to get into the scraps inside. It was real exciting to go to add some garbage to the can and have squirrels jumping out at me! A brother-in-law had to replace and repair damage in his bedroom ceiling where a squirrel built a nest. In his the squirrel fell through the ceiling into the bedroom, that is how they found out about the nest. The only cute squirrels are on the Henrietta Whiskers BOM quilt I am currently working to finish. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Fantastic choice for the border. I love how it balances the center square. Sorry to hear about the leak. What a worry. Would you like to borrow Dolly to help with those squirrels?

sewprimitive karen said...

WOW the quilt is gorgeous, Marcie! You are on such a creative tear!! I think the squirrel probably got some of your quilt batting out of the garbage can. Looks just like batting. I'm glad you got the leak fixed (and the squirrel annihilated?)

Janet said...

The fabric can certainly take over :0) I really like your medalion quilt. The border fabric is wonderful!
Wow - that's quite the squirrel damage!

Katie said...

Squirrels are just cute rats! Ugh.

Great quilt! Not the type of fabrics found in my stash, but I really admire what others do with them. :-)

Deanna said...

Ah! Squirrels! Tricky and persistent creatures. So sorry about your ceiling.

On a happier note, the quilt looks terrific!

Quilt Hollow said...

Be still my heart!!!!

Annemiek said...

squirrels here, live in woods, have a beautiful dark red colour with great s-shaped tails.They are shy and cute. Sorry! We also have GREAT sunny weather after a rainy summer.
To ease your pain I CAN say that I love the quilt :)

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I love your medallion quilt and LOVE that border fabric!