Thursday, July 21, 2011


Can it actually be July 21st? I just returned from Arizona, land of heat waves and dust storms and also my family. I have a very nice LA quilter there who finished up three little quilts for me. This one I made years ago and uncovered it recently and decided that my new little granddaughter could use it while she is still so small, then later have it as a doll quilt. It is 30" square, so she will not use it for long, probably. The quilting is adorable and really makes it, so I hope you can view it close up. I hate to see unfinished tops languishing in boxes. The colorful border gives this just the right finish. It makes me smile to have it done!

 Also, thanks to Carol at Brown Quilts, I got going on patriotic pillow cases. After making a couple to send Carol for her friend's cause (distributing to hospitalized soldiers) I decided my grandkids needed them also. You know how easy it is to make several while you are on a roll? I bought some fabric and used up some from my stash. That wavy flag fabric has been around for years! If you would like to use up some of your patriotic fabric for a good cause, hurry and make a pillowcase or two to send Carol.
 My main purpose in going to Arizona in heat that is over 100 degrees was to make some decisions on a house that we own there. Our renters moved out and since we are so close to retirement we are fixing it up for us to move into...eventually, but not immediately. This is what it looks like now. We tore down a wall here and really opened it up. I was trying all kinds of paint colors and I finally chose one that I hope will work. None of those in the photo, however. I seem to know what I am doing with fabric colors, but when it comes to paint I am a disaster. It never looks the way you expect it will and then it changes to different colors as the light changes. I seriously am praying that I picked a good color because they are going to paint all the walls in the whole house that color!
Meanwhile, the twins passed their 4 month mark! We celebrate every day with new pictures on Becky's blog. (Oh right, so today she doesn't have any!)

Most of the country is under a heat wave, so stay cool my friends!  



LizA. said...

Darling little quilt. I know what you mean about choosing paint color.....wish we could see some sun & just a liitle bit of that heat...I'm in that little piece of the country, pacific northwest,that is having a colder and wetter than usual summer. We MIGHT see 70 by the weekend. And as for 80, the last time we saw that was LAST summer!

Polly said...

I got out my sewing machine and set it up at the kitchen table to try and make some pj's for Julie(doll) and also make some pillowcases. My progress has been pathetic and Julie is wearing a nightgown that isn't sewn shut in the back and doesn't have a ruffle around the bottom yet and it's been two weeks! Working full time and sewing just doesn't mix. Lucky for me Kathryn was still really impressed with my abilities and I've had lots of compliments like "wow, I had no idea you could do this mom, I just love it". Kathryn has decided that Julie really needs a quilt and I was hoping you had some spare blocks you could sew together to cover the poor doll. Kathryn has convinced our friend Jared to make Julie a chair and a bed. We will see if that happens. Anyway sorry for the long comment but your post obviously reminded me of something I keep forgetting to tell you. The little quilt for Eleanor is darling and she will love it. What lucky grandkids to have such a talented grandma!

sewprimitive karen said...

The room is very pretty, Marcie. And the twins are so adorable!!

Sue said...

That little quilt for your granddaughter is so sweet and the quilting is really sweet too.

Your pillowcases turned out lovely! I do love all of those patriotic fabrics.

The twins are so adorable. They have such sweet big eyes!!

Stay cool,

Janet said...

I can sympathize with choosing paint colors - it's much easier to choose fabric!! That little heart quilt is darling - I bet it'll get lots of love - kids find all kinds of ways to play with quilts :0)

AnnieO said...

Love the little heart quilt! It will delight any granddaughter and dolly for years to come :) I made a couple of pillowcases for Carol--hope they got to her as I didn't hear back. They were so easy I plan to make some matching cases for the quilt I'm making for my soon to be wedded daughter. Fabric colors are way easier to pick out because of all that light and the sheen you choose! We're trying to pick wall colors now too. FOUR months already ?!!! wow. Very cute photo :)

Jeanne said...

The twins are growing so quickly! Cuter than ever. The heart quilt is very pretty and the quilting is perfect for it. I like the openness of your home in AZ.

QuiltingFitzy said...

A good color for here in the desert is DUST! We have colors in our home from beige to terra cota.

Would love to know what city you'll retire in, hope it's close! More likely, closer to your Father?

Take care and keep cool.

Anonymous said...

Marcie, I am so glad you are still in the quilting business. Hope you remember me from Virginia Beach. I and Sis. Mechling visited you at your house and I was impressed. The twins are adorable. Anyway, I moved in May to Pasco, WA. I still do artwork, but I am now into machine embroidery. I am currently making a machine embroidery appliqued quilt. Take care, Sis. Lucia Kelly. (

Quilts And Pieces said...

I"m with you on that paint thing! I hate picking paint! And aren't those 2 just adorable!