Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Go West O Quilter, Go West!

My ancestors were among the Mormon Pioneers that traveled across the plains and mountains by oxen drawn covered wagons to Salt Lake City, Utah. This Sunday I am making the same trek. Well, sort of. I am flying in a huge jet plane and will arrive there by noon! I am sure they would think me the biggest wimp, and they would be so right! But this is the time I live in, so there is no use holding on to the covered wagon tradition when we can fly! Of course I have to go thru airport security where I will get patted down once again because I am a suspicious looking character. This time I am going to avoid eye contact and not be so friendly. It doesn't help, and it may be what makes me so suspicious.But I can't help it, I am going to International Quilt Market and I am just so happy and excited! Market is in Salt Lake City this spring so I could not miss the opportunity to go there!

This is the flyer I will be handing out this year. The very talented Karen Mowery put it together for me. It turned out really nice and it makes me feel proud to hand it out. These are the quilts I am taking this time, plus a couple more. I have been in a mad frenzy preparing and I think I am just about done. I still have directions to finish for one pattern, and of course some packing. 

For those of you who may have been waiting for me to release the Saddle Tramp pattern, it is now available and on my website. If you want it right away, please order it by Saturday, May 7. Once I leave town I will be unable to ship for a while (tho I can have my husband do it if necessary). Prairie Fire is also available now and lots of other great patterns too, so feel free to shop with wild abandon!

I will take lots of pictures while I am gone, and hopefully I will get a chance to blog at some point. If you are going to SLC for market PLEASE come and see me in booth 1303!

PS: On a side note, I just read Carol's post at Brown Quilts. You should read her blog and her invitation.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you much success on the show!!!

Cathy said...

Good luck in SLC! I bet it will be wonderful. By the way, I like your line, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Scrappiness."

sewprimitive karen said...

Travel styles sure have changed, haven't they lol. Thank you for mentioning my flyer work :-) and best of luck and good times in SLC!!

Carole said...

Love that poster! What great pattern! Have fun at market! Cheers!