Thursday, September 02, 2010

Touring Montana

Currently I am in Missoula, Montana at my daughter's home. My son-in-law wanted to take me to this quilt shop with a taxidermy shop in it. It was a nice drive with beautiful scenery and a river ran through it. (Hee hee). Well, when we arrived we found that there was no longer a taxidermy shop there. I really just wanted to find a good subject to blog about. The shop caters to those interested in western type fabrics and they also had a nice supply of batiks. I love the name of it: Blackfoot Trading Post. Definitely Indian country here. Lewis and Clark stopped here as well on their Journey of Discovery.

Now for your viewing pleasure I have included a video of my granddaughter Kathryn, formerly known as Plumpkin. Her father recently taped her at Glacier National Park giving a tour of park highlights. At age five, she is already developing a career path.  Enjoy!

Sorry about the sideways shot in the beginning. We seek further instruction. Also, in the beginning, Kathryn is saying that the little tree wants to get prettier. And in the end, she thinks that the "thingy" on the tree looks like a dragon's nose.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh that is just too precious!

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, how darling. That gorgeous clear water! Get that child to Hollywood!

Sue said...

To cute for words. I sure know her name is Kathryn. Sounds like she is 5 going on 21.

Kathie said...

adorable and lucky you to be in that part of our country just beautiful.
looks like that would be a very different quilt shop!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'd take a tour from Kathryn anytime, anywhere. "Thank goodness the glaciers are melting"... too cute!

I didn't know Lewis and Clark stopped at quilt shops. Wow!!

Enjoy your western adventure~

Sue said...

Well that was just the most fun to watch! What an adorable tour guide :)
And such a cutie!!

I love Montana. It's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us!!

Silverthimble said...

I wish Kathryn was the tour guide when I went to the National Parks! That video is priceless!

Linda_J said...

I think she has quite the career ahead of her in broadcast journalism! Introducing each segment with her name is too cute.

I bet you are proud of all your grandbabies!