Thursday, June 03, 2010


This little granddaughter of mine always keeps us laughing. I have to share her latest remarks. I was talking to her mother on the phone the other day and she commented that there was a deer lying under the tree in her backyard, and then she saw a couple more lying there. She said to me, "I wonder where the babies are? We usually see babies by now". My little Plumpkin pipes up and says, "Maybe they grabbed their stomach and said, ugh, I have to lay down".  Plumpkin just turned five years old. Many of you have seen little bits of her on my blog over the years. Thank Heavens God invented children! They bring such joy into our lives!

After meeting so many big designers in the business, I have to say that this may have been my biggest thrill! This is Monica Patch and her mother, Karen Bennett, of Nellie's Needle. They design patterns and had a lovely booth at Market. Monica handed me a brochure as I passed her booth on the last day of market. When I saw the name Monica Patch on the flier I did a double take! When I saw her 801 area code (Utah) I knew we were related. We had a wonderful visit. Our husbands are first cousins and I have always loved her husband who is the same age as my kids. She and her mom came over to my SIL's where Joan and I were staying, and we got to know them a little. Great people, great patterns! Check them out!   
This is one of Monica's darling quilts. You have to take a close-up look at it. It has yo-yos all around the inner border! She shared her secret construction methods with me, but you need to buy her pattern for all the info. What a clever girl! (I just looked at their website and couldn't find the pattern!--Sorry. Hopefully it will be out soon).

This booth was so adorable! Riley Blake is a fabric company out of Salt Lake City. If their booth is any indication, I would say that they will be a noticeable force in the market very soon. 

If you read all the way to the bottom of this post, you deserve to know that I plan to have a give-away very soon! Come back again!


Karen said...

Funny that you would unexpectedly run into a relative at quilt market. Did you already know that she is a quilter? I have noted that there are a lot of pattern designers (new to me) that live in Utah.

Janet said...

Kids say the cutest things :0) She's adorable. How fun to meet a relative that you have so much in common with. :0)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'd the designing gene is alive and well in the Patch family!

Love those Riley Blake colors and patterns.

Plumpkin is way TOO cute and very funny too!! Precious~

Annette said...

Your little granddaughter is so sweet! I love the things kids say. And I love when they make us laugh.

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, Marcie, Plumpkin is so cute but she is getting all grown up too fast!

onlymehere said...

How fun to find a relative! Your little granddaughter is adorable and sounds like she keeps you in stitches! They are a great joy to us grammy's aren't they? Is she your only one or do you have others?

Lea said...

Your pumpkin is so adorable. My daughter is same age as her. yes, those little people's thoughts are very amusingly funny. :-)

Annemiek said...

Ofcourse i read all the way down!
Great pic of your granddaughter. She has very sparkly eyes full of mischief:)
I wish we had quiltmarkets over here too; it looks wonderfull!