Sunday, August 09, 2009


My computer has been giving me fits and I feel like I have been ousted from the game of blogging! Oh, I know, we all have our woes when it comes to our computer. So this may be boring for you, but just picture me trying to post on my blog from a black screen. OK, it is not quite that bad at the moment, but because that is what it has been doing of late, I hurried and edited and posted my photos just in case it tries to outwit me at my own game. The thing is, my screen does not want to cooperate, so editing is my own personal joke. Does it, or does it not look better? I have to publish, and then look at my blog on my husband's computer to see for sure. He doesn't like me using his laptop for fear that I will wreck it. Who me? So I must innocently wait until he takes a little nap and then snag it. So who am I playing
cat and mouse with, my computer, or my husband? Both, actually!

So let's get to the good stuff! I no longer have to contain myself, the secret is out! My son and his wife are expecting a baby boy! This news has had me spending hours at the computer, when it allows me, working on quilt designs in EQ6 for my new grandson, who is due to make his appearance in December. I have come up with many ideas, and then settled on one that I really like. I felt the need to design a quilt just for this welcome little child! And I still have some Prairie Paisley fabric that I managed to reserve in my stash, waiting for just the right project. Yay! This is it!

Here are a couple pictures to make you curious. I think it will be cute! More a little boy quilt than a baby quilt, actually. I may have to get Goldilock's approval on this quilt for Little Boy Blue. I like the way she thinks!
My dad was here to visit this past week. He lives in Arizona, but he came here from Minnesota. He spent a month there with each of my two brothers and their families, and had fun visiting friends, etc. This time he decided that he needed a cell phone, so my brother helped him get one. He hasn't quite figured out how to work it. A lady friend of his asked him to attend a wedding with her at this big basilica in Minneapolis. In the middle of the ceremony -- you guessed it! His cell phone went off. Well, he didn't know how to turn it off, so he just opened it and closed it and put it back in his pocket. Then it rang again! I know he was totally embarrassed. Some lady sitting behind him was able to turn it off for him. He is 86 years old, so we cut him some slack.

We enjoyed having him spend some time here. We walked down to the beach a couple times, and ate fish at several different restaurants. But mostly he sat on the deck and read books. He knows we always have tons to choose from and I think he finished the last three Harlan Coben books, our favorite author. He is now back in Arizona. We encouraged him to stay longer, but he said, "I don't want to miss Arizona in August"! What a crack up! His outlook and attitude is something we all need to aspire to!

Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying August as well!


Gretchen said...

Congratulations on the soon-to-be grandson!!! He is so lucky to get a Prairie Paisley quilt of his very own. Very cute stories about your dad--he sounds like a fabulous person!!

Karen said...

Oh how funny about the cell phone at the wedding. But at least your dad is open to learning about new technology!

And a baby boy on the way. I am sure the new quilt will be a good one.

Elaine Adair said...

Oh, my dear, Happy Day, Happy Day with the news of a new baby! How exciting.

I don't want to hear any laughing about the phone incident and your Dad - I also, wouldn't know what to do and would leave it in the car! - Yes, I am sooo behind the times. 8-(((

Quilt Hollow said...

I agree it has been way too long of not seeing you in blogland! I had been wondering what was going on!
Congrats!!! How wonderful to know a new baby is coming! However....must admit December birthdays are not my favorite! LOL
Your dad seriously can't miss August in Arizona huh? What a hoot!

onlymehere said...

What fun news! You're dad sounds like a fun man. Love the comment about Arizona in August! I hope you show us the quilt when it's finished. It's looking cute already! Cindy

Anne said...

Congrats Gramma! So happy for you. Those blocks look VERY interesting. I'm sure it will be darling with you designing it! Your Dad reminds me of my Dad. He was the most positive person I've ever met! I miss him terribly.

sewprimitive karen said...

So funny about not missing Arizona in August! How I hate the heat here in Atlanta. A hearty congratulations on the new grandchild, Marcie! It's a good thing you can make quilts for all of these children and grandchildren, isn't it! The new quilt looks like it will wonderful with that great Prairie Paisley fabric, you hoarder you lol.

*karendianne. said...

Great post! Congratulations. We love December babies over here at LeeHaven. As a matter of fact, I find we're partial to them. :) I am sorry to hear of your computer troubles. Those are the near worse thing ever!!! Evil.

Your Dad cracks me. Seems you share that great sense of humor.

Warmly, *karendianne.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your Dad is hilarious! Congrats on the future grandson, what an absolute joy! The quilt is going to be positively wonderful, my favorite colors! Good luck with your computer, when I have problems I always need to call on my kids for help.

Julie-Ann said...

Oh - I love the fabric on the quilt and you new little grandson will look so cute snuggling up in it!

My father died last November at age 90. He also had a great sense of humor. I really enjoyed hearing about your dad.

Hey - I will be in Mesa, AZ November 21-28th. Got my plane tickes!

Karen said...

Hmm being sneaky are we! LOL! I love reading your posts Marcie. They always seem so up beat and fun. Sounds to me like you may have your Dad's sense of humor.
Congratulations on your future grandson! Can't wait to see what you will be creating with the blocks you've shown us so far.

Anonymous said...

I still get out the cute little 9 patch blue quilt you made for Kyle. I love those baby quilts.

Love Anna Marie

Karen said...

Congratulations on the new baby, Marcie! It sounds like you had a nice visit with your dad. He sounds a bit like my grandpa, who passed away last summer. It is nice to hear you had a good time with your dad!

Nana B said...

Hi there, had Mary here a week or so ago and she did a little quilt for the new baby too. She wanted that soft stuff so off we went to find Minki or whatever it's called and some flannel and a few hours later she had a sweet little quilt.
We like Harlen Coben too, have read as many as I can get my hands on at the library. DH says I spend too much money on books, says I read them too fast, oh well.

Jeanne said...

Those sneak peeks look very tempting. I think it's great that your dad wanted a cell phone. Lots of seniors wouldn't bother to learn. He looks like a happy guy. One Sunday my cell rang during the service and I happened to be sitting my mom. I felt like I was ten again. VBG