Monday, May 26, 2008


Today is a good day for flag waving! I see the flags displayed on many homes in our neighborhood, and they line Shore Drive as well. Flags are posted on every corner of Shore Drive, near where I live, all year long. When there are troops coming home their buses go right down Shore Drive and the flags pay tribute to them. Many times the neighbors go out and stand on the corners waiting for the buses so they can wave to the soldiers and cheer for them.

I wanted to contribute something for Memorial Day to honor our veterans. The photo shows planes flying in formation over the JFK Aircraft Carrier. I found this photo online and I think it is a beauty! The JFK was actually decommissioned last year after serving her country since 1968.

Around here we see the planes quite often practicing maneuvers in the air above us. They are stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana. Believe me they are loud! Around here we call it "the sound of freedom". I have to confess, it does give me a thrill to see them, as well as a sense of pride in the young people who serve our country. Some of the quilters with whom I associate have husbands or sons serving in the Middle East. Some actually served in the military themselves. To all of those who have served--past and present, I salute you, and I add my prayers to the many grateful people in this land of ours that you will be watched over as you watch over us.

In gratitude. --Marcie


Lindah said...

Amen! Well said, Marcie.

Libby said...

Oh there's just nothing like the sound of that *rumble* then looking up and seeing the jets on their way over - spectacular!

Cheryl said...

Very nice tribute.

Karen said...

That's beautiful, Marcie. I imagine service in the Middle East is in store for my son after college.

julieQ said...

I too honor our service people whereever they are. Love your picture!

Jean C. said...

Hello I've come over from "PolkadotsandRickRac" and just wanted to add a note to your tribute! I heard a story once about some people who lived near an air base and complained all the time about the constant noise from the planes coming and going. When one of these people were complaining... they complained to the wrong person... he told them you know, you didn't have to move here... but, just know, "That is the Sound of Freedom"! Yep, I live by an Air Base in Utah. I thank My Heavenly Father every day for all the people who come and go on those planes!
Thanks for supporting "Our Troups".
Jean C.